WordPress Themes Don't Get Any Easier Than This

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The Howling Dog Theme Framework

Produce & Manage High Quality Themes

Howling Dog Themes is NOT like other Themes & Frameworks. Our Controls are packed with intuitive features that allow you to control EVERY aspect of your custom theme. No non-sense, just quick and easy themes!

Slice and Drop

Take your sliced designs and drop them into K9 Control. Guide your slices if you'd like with "K9 Vision" - breaking down each of the theme's skinnable elements. This allows you to focus more on the design, and less on the code.

Complete Control

Not only does each Howling Dog Theme come with preset style options, but with K9 Control, you can change virtually every element of the design, from fonts, to colors, to every image. Completely tailor your theme in minutes.

The Howling Dog Theme Framework

Cuts Development Time In Half

The Howling Dogs' framework allows both designers and developers to make leaps and bounds in what they can do on the web. Designers and DIY's will find a greater sense of ease and freedom, while developers find simple and intuitive tools that boost their creativity and cut production time.

No PHP Code Required

Quickly extend any portion of your theme with regular old HTML & CSS. Absolutely NO PHP knowledge is required by using our Hangers feature to make page specific additions to your custom theme.

Make Changes On the Fly

Make blindingly fast changes without an FTP client. Modify your theme's images, colors, fonts, and CSS on the fly with our intuitive control panel.

Start Building Complex Custom Themes

In Just Minutes. No Code Knowledge Required.

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